Review: Mr. Taco Loco 9/10

Well well well……did Fayetteville finally get an authentic tasting Mexican street taco joint?  I believe we have.  I have been to Mexico around seven times.  This pretty much makes me an expert 🙂 .  In all seriousness, though, I haven’t found anything else in this area that I would qualify as both authentic and also tasty.  Mr. Taco Loco does both.  They also have $0.99 Taco Tuesdays!!  Also, they are one of the dwindling list of Mexican places that still have the grande 36oz mugs of draft beer.

FOOD: 8/10

There are 8 types of meat you can get in your tacos here.  They come plain with just the meat and corn tortillas.  There is a small toppings and salsa bar that you can customize them to your liking.  I just like onions and salsa, but if your taste buds are defective, you’re welcome to put metallic bath soap aka cilantro on them as well.

I would rate their taco meats as follows:  Asada (Steak) 9/10, Pollo (Chicken) 6/10, Tinga (Chipotle Chicken) 8/10, Carnitas (Shredded Pork) 8/10, Pastor (Marinated Pork) 7/10, Chorizo 8/10, Barbacoa (Like a fatty flavorful beef roast) 9/10, Ground Beef 9/10.  The regular Pollo and Pastor was shitty the last time I had it.  The tamales are a 7/10.  Everything else is fantastic.  Their sides are top notch and cheap.  We will be trying many more of their menu items in the weeks to come and will report back.

Atmosphere: 8/10

It feels like you are teleported to downtown Cancun when you walk in.  You might think it looks a little unkept and dirty, but that is a very important staple in a good Mexican place.  If I don’t smell the mildew aroma, I know the place is a scam.  There are only two complaints I have that keep this place from getting a perfect 10 on atmosphere.

The place is small and cramped and they still put the cash register RIGHT FUCKING BY the front door when you walk in.  That means when you are standing in line to order, or trying to get in and out the front door, that you have to deal with a gaggle of people in your way.  Also, the servers are constantly carrying plates of food through this line.  Move that register somewhere else in the back.

My second complaint is that I would love to have real servers in this place instead of the aforementioned shittily placed cash register that you have to go back to and order every single time you want another beer or taco.

Price:  10/10

Cheap AF.  Great value.

Service:  10/10

Wonderful staff.  They are all very friendly and hard working.  Zero complaints here.

Overall FAPSO Score:  9/10

(Food, Atmosphere, Price, Service, Overall)

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  1. Keegan

    I was wondering how long it would take for you to bring up cilantro! ? Great review even if you are a weirdo!


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